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skate sharpening

We will sharpen your skates to your preferred ROH (radius of hollow) with level edges and minimal heat transfer into the steel. A smooth, consistent, polished finish is key to a quality sharpening.

steel height matching

As steel is sharpened, trauma can affect the shape and profile of each individual piece of steel. This service will cross grind both runners to match in height and shape, then sharpen to your hollow.

skate profiling

Skate profiling is the act of changing the shape of the steel (toe to heal) and how and when it contacts the ice. More info is available for options.

skate baking

We will bake your skates to their specific temp to help form them to your feet's characteristics.

rivet replacement (steel or copper)

Ice skate holders and inline chassis are held to your skates with rivets. Steel rivets will mostly be used and these prevent sheering force from pulling the skate holder or inline chassis off. Copper rivets are good for vertical forces and typically are on the heel and back of each mount.

custom shot blockers

We use an NHL approved material offered for installation at the shop or as a mail order service. We can install parts of this material on the side of your skate or on your tongue for lace bite prevention.

ice to inline swap (custom)

We will remove the ice holder, center and install inline chassis on to your skates. In some instances additional work, hole repair, or shims may be required. Contact for more details.

Inline to inline swap (custom)

We will remove a damaged, bent, or older chassis for new replacement parts. In stock chassis from Hilo, straight or Marsblade products are available on demand and ready for install.

ice holder replacement

Over time your Ice holder (Bauer Edge, CCM XS) can become worn, loose or damaged. We stock a large quantity of holders to better accommodate older and newer skates alike. We also offer repair parts that some big box stocks may not.

boot punching

Customer boot punching is available if you have a spot that is giving a bother or a pressure point.

sewing repairs on equipment

Any loose padding, covering or fibers needing repair may be able to be repaired prior to replacement.

custom holder or inline chassis shims

Custom shims are sometimes required for proper installation of ice or inline holders, or can be used to help with medical conditions.

custom tongue replacement

We stock high end custom skate tongues available to be sewn into your existing skates or we can swap on a pair of tongues from other skates if you prefer those.


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