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XC Blade is a variable with a skate blade. The steel's width left and right edges gradually extend from the center, in parallel sections moving away from each other. The middle section is a standard 3mm where the toe is a maximum of 3.5mm and the heel is 5.3mm. This addition allows substantially more stability, balance and additional glide due to reduced hollow. Most players skate on a 1/2 or 5/8" traditional hollow. With XC blade you're able to skate confidently a hollow of upto and over 1.5" 

$150.00 price as shown is for stainless and Run models. Other coatings and models available for additional charges please email for information. 


Limited Stock of XC blade, please email us prior to purchase to request a demo pair for trial and confirm sizing and model needs. 


XC Blade

All XC Blade steel is special order please email to confirm specific needs
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